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More meat than your bun can handle!

We opened our doors  with the goal of providing fresh, housemade, delicious sandwiches, Chicago style!

Since our opening we’ve been able to expand our menu, turn visitors into loyal customers, and give back to the community.

Find us off Interstate 90 in Issaquah, open daily!

What We Create

We make superbly delicious sandwiches and sides for all of your big hunger cravings! Come visit us for lunch or dinner any night of the week (we’re open Monday through Sunday). We also have take away, Uber Eats, and Door Dash menus for any time you need something.

The Menu
  • Classic Chicago...$13.70
  • Chicago Reuben...$13.70
  • Chicago Cheesesteak...$13.70
  • The Dip...$13.70
  • The Bird...$11.95
  • The PLT...$13.70
  • House Burger...$10.99
  • Philly Burger...$10.99
  • Chili Burger...$10.99
  • BBQ Chicken...$13.70
  • The Meatball...$13.70
  • Italian Beef...$13.70
  • Armenian Pastrami...$11.99
  • Soujouk...$13.70
  • Gyro Sandwich...$9.99
  • Chicago Dog...$8.55
  • Seattle Dog...$8.55
Look At What's Good

Classic Chicago




Armenian Pastrami

Carlic Aioli Fries

Chicago Cheesesteak

Chicago Dog

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